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Welcome to Altwood Church of England School an 11 – 18 comprehensive school in Maidenhead. Students attend our school from across the borough and beyond.

Our key principles and ethos are built around the gospel values in particular truth and forgiveness and our central rules: be safe, be ready, be respectful. Our aim is that all students and staff in our school flourish whilst they are members of the Altwood community, ‘I have come that you might have life and live it to the full’ John 10:10.

Altwood’s firmly established house system (Faith, Hope and Joy) reinforces the sense of community within our school. Friendly competition encourages students to strive for house points and get involved with activities to represent their house. There are also a wide range of enrichment activities for students to experience alongside the academic opportunities here at Altwood.

Altwood has strong links in the local community and as an outward-looking school, our students’ learning is rich in its understanding of cultural diversity within a global context and as a consequence, our ethos/culture of respect pervades throughout.

Altwood is a high-performing school. Our academic success ensures that our students are ready for life beyond Altwood; many going to highly regarded universities, accessing prestigious apprenticeships, becoming professionals across a wide spectrum of fields.

Whilst our strong GCSE and A level (Level 3) results may demonstrate great student learning, at our heart is a focus on every student as an individual and we are proud that we challenge and stimulate each and every student, regardless of ability, in order that they flourish. We want them to be curious, proud, determined, resilient, respectful and reflective learners, so they are well-placed to adapt to life and, eventually, the world of work.