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Tutor Time

Tutoring at Altwood

“I have come that they may have life in all its fullness.”  John 10:10

The vertical tutoring and complimentary house system supports the school’s value of students living life in all its fullness. Students can flourish through their interactions with peers from across the whole school. Senior students provide mentors and act as ambassadors for younger students. Sixth form students are actively involved in nurturing our year sevens through their transition into secondary school.

Students are placed into one of three houses when they join the school, Faith, Hope or Joy. The use of Gospel values for the houses reflect how tutoring is seen as one tool to underpin the ethos of the school. Students are keen to represent their houses through the wide range of competitions. Every Friday there is a house competition for the whole school, a few firm favourites are the ‘slow bike race’, the ‘Altwood open’ and ‘Altwood’s got Talent’. Students have a healthy sense of competition and a desire to be crowned house champions at the end of the academic year. 

Students have a varied programme of tutor activities which include a tutor quiz, dedicated time to engage with the careers platform ‘unifrog’, an opportunity to reflect and develop their opinions through the theme of the fortnight and the space to reflect and celebrate through assemblies. The theme of the fortnight is intrinsically linked to the assemblies within this period and mirror key events, for example remembrance.

The pastoral system recognises students’ individual strengths with praise and recognition a feature of tutor sessions and assemblies. Attendance, punctuality and engagement in learning are rewarded alongside sporting success and leadership.   

A supportive and varied tutor programme ensures students have a positive start to their day.