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House System

As an endorsement of the success of our house system, our students have elected to wear a uniform that reflects both the consistency of the school and their individuality. Students wear blazers with badges customised to their house colours – Faith (yellow), Hope (blue) and Joy (purple).

Competition between houses is friendly but fierce! The House Championship runs throughout the year and encourages every student and staff member to become involved at some level, be it academic, sport, community or talent related.

Through the House System, students can nominate themselves to stand for election as a member of Altwood Parliament. They can also take up a variety of leadership roles.

Spectator support is taken as seriously as the competition itself, with students and staff rising to cheer on house members at the many social opportunities across the school calendar.

Points are awarded across house competitions, uniform, attendance, fundraising and students’ termly academic reports. By drawing points from competitions as varied as Spelling Bees, ‘Altwood’s Got Talent’ and House behaviour, for example, we ensure that every student contributes to the success of their House. At the end of the year, in a nail-biting awards ceremony, the winning house is announced and rewarded with a whole House afternoon activity.