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  •  We intend for the curriculum to be truly comprehensive and accessible to all students enabling them to understand history as a coherent, chronological narrative.
  • We intend to deliver a broad, balanced and ambitious curriculum to help students know and understand the complexity of people’s lives, diversity of society, their own identity and the challenges of their time. 
  • This will nurture each individual student to understand the past through the people who have impacted society and to understand how these people have shaped the world we live in today.
  • We intend for all students to have a clear and broad understanding of the political, social, economic, military and religious changes that have shaped taken place that has shaped the wider world.  As this will expand students’ perspective through SMSC opportunities whilst promoting a sense of moral and social responsibility, helping students to flourish and develop as healthy individuals and good citizens. 
  • We intend that our curriculum will enable students to develop their own opinions and to formulate well-reasoned arguments.  There will be a strong emphasis on written communication, personal research and discussion helping to foster a strong sense of character and resilience to support good choices and overcome future challenges.  
  • We intend that studying History will help to develop analytical skills and higher order thinking skills which will help students to achieve high academic success and outcomes whilst also providing transferrable skills. The four skills history will focus upon are:
  1. Empathy- To instil an interest and appreciation of Past societies and events that have shaped our world. 
  2. Enquiry- To foster an inquisitive and questioning mind set. 
  3. Evidence and Interpretation- To develop the ability to analyse sources and evaluate Interpretations/views to test how convincing and accurate they may be. 
  4. Change and continuity- To analyse and evaluate events in the past to identify Progression/Regression/Causation and Consequence. 
  5. Communication- To develop the ability to articulate written and oral responses.  

This will be highlighted with a focus on developing students’ literacy and numeracy skills through extended writing, reading opportunities and analysing data which will support success in the wider world and adult life.