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Design and Technology

In Design and Technology our curriculum is designed to encourage creativity with a core focus on skills and technical knowledge. Our intent is to educate our students to be knowledgeable about product design with an understanding of how local, national and international companies and communities are impacted by this vast design industry.

We ensure a range of materials are revisited each year to build on depth of understanding and independence within the workshop. We encourage our students to be challenged with problem solving tasks whilst developing skills in the workshop and in CAD.


In each year students will cover woods, plastics, multi-material products and graphics.

In Year 7, students focus on workshop safety and skills, building confidence in CAD programs and are introduced to learning to use tools.

Year 8 students will build upon core skills in the workshop and computer room, learning to develop a greater understanding of technical knowledge, the ability to research and evaluate ideas.

Year 9 student work is based on an introduction to NEA contextual challenges, preparing student to work with greater independence at GCSE. Students will develop understanding and knowledge in idea development and analysis of products.

Technical knowledge, understanding of emerging technology and knowledge of designers is built into every year, with regular theory testing.

The specialisms aim to give a broad range to the curriculum offer working with staff expertise.


The beginning of year 10 allows students to spend time building greater confidence and independence in the workshop, learning core skills and technical knowledge. Several small projects are completed, followed by a practice NEA project prior to the Component 2 contextual challenge set by the exam board in June of Year 10.

Component 1 is taught throughout the two years, with regular testing and practical elements to enhance understanding.