Year 7 Catch up Premium

Catch-up Premium

The Year 7 Catch-up Premium provides additional funding to schools to accelerate the progress of identified pupils in English and Mathematics. Catch up premium funding is received by the school for all students who join us in Year 7 with a Key Stage 2 Level below a Level 4 or a scaled score of lesson than 100 for either English Reading or Maths. The funding enables the school to deliver additional support, such as individual tuition or intensive support in small groups, for those pupils that most need it, enabling them to catch up with their peers.


Proposed Expenditure for 2016/17

For the academic year 2016-17, we received £3,654 based on the revised funding formula.

Following the conversion to the new scaled scores for KS2 outcomes, the school has identified students which it believes will benefit from additional support in literacy and numeracy using scaled scores and internal testing data.

Strategies for 2016 – 17


Catch up Premium 2015-16

For the 2015-16 academic year, we received funding of £8’500 for 17 students in Year 7.

4 students achieved below a Level 4 in English Reading, 12 students achieved below a Level 4 in Maths and 1 student achieved below a Level 4 in both English Reading and Maths.

A further 10 students have been identified to receive additional literacy support following initial reading age testing due to the significant deficit between their chronological and reading ages.

 Strategies for 2015-16

Review and Impact on Spending 2015-16