Talented & Gifted


Talented, Able & Gifted Pupils at Altwood

All Altwood staff we are committed to meeting the needs and interests of all students and providing an education that will enable each student to realise their full potential, including the most able, gifted and talented. Students who are identified as able, gifted or talented are offered a wide range of challenging activities and targeted support to enhance their learning.

Some learners work at a faster pace and could be considered more able.

Students are encouraged to develop problem solving and higher order skills, and teachers use a variety of teaching styles to cater for learners’ individual needs. By providing effective provision for the most able, gifted and talented, standards can be raised for all students. Our provision aims to create a challenging and supportive teaching environment which promotes personalised learning and a learning culture where expectations are high and students can become increasingly responsible for their own learning.

Some of our students have particular talents and gifts in areas of the curriculum or specific subjects.

We looked at the data from feeder schools and set about updating our TAG register with the help from teachers monitoring progress in subject areas. This data includes TAG identified students from testing at primary school and subject specific students.

What we do

  • Students are primarily challenged and stretched in all of their lessons with subject specific differentiated tasks. This allows those with particular abilities and strengths to be targeted and challenged in class on a day-to-day basis
  • We run a Friday lunchtime TAG workshop where TAG students can get extra help with their study skills and includes brain training exercises, study skill techniques, understanding their learning styles and practical activities and exercises to get the most out of school studies
  • We monitor individual learning, track attainment and regularly report on progress being made
  • We offer lots of clubs and extra-curricular activities where TAG students can excel and develop including: public speaking, maths challenge, young chef, mock trails, a wealth of art and design based activities, technology clubs, drama productions, musical lesson opportunities and a variety of sporting clubs and activities.