Sixth Form

Welcome to the Sixth Form information page. This area will provide you with all information about Sixth Form at Altwood and the wonderful opportunities that are available.

The Sixth Form Information Booklet is a guide to post-16 study providing detail about what programs and courses you can pursue here at Altwood this is also supported through the You Tube video link which is a collation of subject content. I hope you find this very useful.

Studying in the Sixth Form is a great prospect to look forward to. Pursuing further and higher level study in the Sixth Form builds immediately on the success enjoyed at GCSE and when students make the most of all the opportunities that are available, this invariably leads to very high levels of achievement in post-16.

Sixth Form Documents and Virtual Information


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Sixth Form Subject Information 2022 – 2024

Sixth Form Information Evening and Application Process  

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Sixth Form Bursary Information 2021 – 2022

2021-2022 Information for Students Parents Carers

2021-2022 Bursary Fund Policy

2021-2022 Information for Students Parents Carers

2021-2022 Bursary Application Form

Dress Code

Business dress code applies, including:-

Suits and Jackets: Boys may well want to wear a suit, and this is fine. Smart trousers with a blazer / smart jacket is equally acceptable. Girls can wear jackets with a smart skirt, dress or trousers. Shirts and dresses should be of a length appropriate to preserve dignity.

Shoes: Appropriate, smart shoes (not trainers or related footwear).  Sensible and safe heel height required.

Trousers: Formal trousers (denim, tracksuit bottoms and combat trousers are not acceptable).

Shirts for boys: Formal shirts, with a tie.

Tops for girls: Smart and of an appropriate length.

All students should be smart and presentable at all times. Obvious logos on clothing are not permitted. Jewellery should not exceed that which is stated in school policy. You are representatives of the school and should be aware that this is a place of work and study.