Parents Forum

Parents’ Forum

‘The Parent Voice’

 What is the Parents’ Forum?

The Parents’ Forum is open to any parent of a child at Altwood. It is modelled on the excellent practice which exists with our Student Council. Both groups provide an opportunity to have their voice heard when it comes to the experiences, school development and general provision for the student body at school.

What does the Parents’ Forum do?

The Parents’ Forum meets six times a year with the Headteacher, Mr Dimbleby. The meetings take place at 6:30pm for approximately one hour. Each meeting has an agenda which is formulated both by Mr Dimbleby and the parents on the Forum. Mr Dimbleby uses meetings as a ‘sounding board’ for the development of new ideas in school, to consult with parents and to ensure that parents’ perspectives and ideas are valued and incorporated in all aspects of the school’s work with our young people and, critically, in relation to new initiatives and developments. Parents use the meeting to raise matters they wish to know more information about or have addressed.

Over the last year, main areas of focus for the Parents’ Forum have been:

Marking and feedback

  • Enhancing communication between home and school
  • The school’s development priorities
  • Reviewing the Home-School Agreement
  • Considering how parental involvement can be further promoted
  • Reviewing the school uniform policy
  • Expanding partnerships
  • Enhancing opportunities for students, e.g. spiritual development, enrichment activities

How do you become a member of the Parents’ Forum?

  • Any parent can participate – there exists an ‘open invitation’. If you would like to find out more, or would like to attend a meeting, please email Mrs Walker – Headteacher’s PA on In your message please include: Parent name, child’s name, your contact number and email address.