Key Information for Year 7 Students

Please see below for information on dates,contacts,tutors and information regarding student reports

Important Dates:

2020 – 2021

10th September:             Early closure 12.30pm for Open Evening Preparation

23rd October                   Inset Day

27th November               Inset Day

18th December:               End of term 12.15pm finish

4th January                      Inset Day

5th January                      School returns

The above dates are subject to change.


Academic Reports:

Throughout the academic year, the school will publish a variety of progress reports which will inform you of your son/daughters academic and character development.

The three types of report format are:

Transition Report This is a character report about how your son/daughter has settled into their school life at Altwood School.
Progress Report This will be a summary of your son/daughters current and predicted grade. In addition, you will also have their effort for learning level on a 1-4 scale.
Full Report This is a full written report including comments from individual teachers along with targets for improving their progress. This will also include a current/predicted grade and effort for learning level.


Engagement 4 Learning level descriptors

These are based on a scale (E1 – E4) based on a student’s engagement within an individual subject:-

  • E1 – outstanding engagement for learning
  • E2 – good engagement for learning
  • E3 – satisfactory engagement for learning
  • E4 – unsatisfactory engagement for learning


Key Contacts

Jeremy Masson: Assistant Headteacher (Achievement)

Simon McCallion: Assistant Headteacher (Pastoral)


Heads of House

Leigh Sheppard: Head of House – Faith

Mrs L Gomez: KS3 & KS4 Head of House

Mr Smith: Head of House – Joy


Year 7 Tutors

Faith House

Miss McGowan

Mr Hooper

Hope House

Miss Bird

Mrs Gennery

Mr Cruttenden

Joy House

Mr Kok

Mrs Neil