Welcome from the Headteacher

Dear Student,

This is such an important and exciting time in your school career.  You have some really major decisions to make about the next steps and I want you to know that we are here to give you all the advice, guidance and support that you need.

We very strongly urge young people to stay in education after their GCSEs.  This guide to post-16 study provides detail about what programmes and courses you can pursue here at Altwood.  I hope you find this very useful.

Studying in the Sixth Form is a great prospect to look forward to.  Pursuing further and higher level study in the Sixth Form builds immediately on the success enjoyed at GCSE and when students make the most of all the opportunities that are available, this invariably leads to very high levels of achievement post-16.

So what opportunities exist?  How can success be enjoyed?  What does success in the Sixth Form lead to?

Here at Altwood Church of England School we have:

  • a very extensive range of courses on offer;
  • excellent teaching;
  • the highest standard of resources;
  • a learning environment which has enjoyed over £4.5 million of investment in the last three years;
  • Learning Adviser support for Sixth Formers;
  • investment in student attendance at national conferences, seminars and workshops;
  • an extensive range of extra-curricular activities to engage in both in this country and overseas;
  • the highest calibre university and professional preparation programmes to support
  • what happens post Sixth Form;
  • a really positive, supportive and success based environment in which to develop,
  • thrive and achieve.


What all of this leads to is:

  • happy and secure students who develop new skills and learn a great deal;
  • excellent examination performance;
  • students at least meeting, and usually exceeding, all target grades;
  • students gaining access to the universities and careers of their choices.


Most importantly, being an Altwood Sixth Former means leaving school confident, assured and able to proceed to a fulfilled and successful academic, professional and personal life.

I am incredibly proud of the young men and women of our Sixth Form and look forward to discussing with you how life in the Sixth Form at Altwood may become a reality for you.